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Helping you clear the view

Clear View Lawyers is a law firm that stays true to its name.  We clear the legal haze so that you know where you stand and what to expect with your matters and from us, at all times.

Whilst we are always current with the law, we have an old-fashioned respect and value for our clients.

We offer legal services only in the areas of law we know best, rather than offering an average service in all areas of law.

As a Clear View Lawyers’ client, you can expect to receive clear and accurate legal advice, that you can rely on, each time you engage us.

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Our areas of expertise

Commercial Law 216 x 188
Commercial Law
Buy/sell businesses, contracts, legal compliance MORE
Construction Law 216 x 188
Construction Law
Building contracts, disputes, defective works MORE
Disputed Wills 216 x 188
Contested Wills & Estates
Entitlement advice, claiming or defending claims MORE
Criminal Law 216 x 18
Criminal Law
Defending or pleading to charges, sentencing MORE
Debt Recovery 216 x 188
Debt Recovery
Credit agreements, personal guarantee, litigation MORE
Family Law 216 x 188
Family Law
Divorce, parenting, financial/property settlement MORE
Traffic Law 216 x 188
Traffic Law
Drink/drug driving, negligent/dangerous driving MORE
Wills 216 x 188
Wills & Powers of Attorney
Drafting valid wills, powers of attorney, probate MORE
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